Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April in...Alaska?

Well, we are finally ready and have put our house on the market. We rented a pod and filled that with A LOT of stuff and now have lots of room! We can actually live in our house without half our stuff...why are we moving anyway?! : )

We have been looking in New Brighton, Shoreveiw, Fridley, and are considering Roseville or Blaine. No decisions yet and really without an offer on our house we aren't moving anywhere. I think the kids are noticing changes - especially Katelyn who is old enough to notice changes but they are doing fine. Katey probably wonders why the house is always so clean!

Anyway, check out the link above and wish us luck. I will attach a new pix of the kiddos, just for fun as it is snowing right now...

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Jeremy said...

Dan & Kelley,

That is exciting news! Every once in a while Dan hits me up on Gtalk, but when I write back I don't think he gets my notes. Looking to move- finally out grew the house. I hope you guys more this way. It would be great to see you some time soon. Perhaps kayaking? I got a family 'fun-yak' from a work associate.