Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glorious Vacation

Well, on top of taking two weeks off at Christmas (I did anyway), Dan and I also took a couple more days off last week. We drove to the UP in Michigan. Big Paw-Paw and Nonna took Katey and Sam for the weekend, while Dan and I planned to go downhill skiing in the Porkiepine Mountains.

The weather was in charge though, and we found the downhill ski trails closed for the weekend due to a big melt the week before. Things were too icy. Rather than drive to Indianhead or Powderhorn, we decided to hike in our snowshoes (I couldn't rent x-country skis because the hills were closed). It was beautiful and great to get the excercise. We went about five Porkiepine miles (these are longer miles than "regular" miles -at least according to us!).
We watched the exciting Packers game on Saturday and found the kids safe, warm, and happy at Dad and Donna's place on Sunday. I guess the snowball fight (pix below) was the big "hit"!: ) I think everyone had a good time. I will post a bunch of pix for you to check out if you feel like it.

Nothing else new to report. Dan is going on his first ice fishing excursion with a couple of guys the first weekend of February on Milacs and he expects to start a new class soon. I'm hoping to watch the Pack in the Super Bowl this year! The kids are doing great and the bricks we are putting on their heads aren't stopping their rapid growth...oh well. : )


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