Friday, April 18, 2008

Whole Buncha Not Much Go'n On

Well, as the title suggests a whole buncha not much is go'n on, which is just the way I like it. We had a stress filled week last week (I won't go into it) and this week we hear Dan is now promoted to supervisor at work! Yeah Dan! Don't worry, we'll get him trained! : ) Truth is we could use the good karma of a promotion in the family.

Other than that - na-da. YES! We may join Denise and Jeff and the kids in Brainerd this weekend. Next weekend we have a "better late than never" dinner the the Culhane family, and Dan flys to Europe for work. I then leave for a BC retreat in West Bend, WI. Should be interesting and if anything else, I'll get a bunch on knitting done.

Katey and Sam are about the same. Katey starts swimming lessons again next week and I have her signed up for vacation bible school in July. Sam's new word of the week is, "Yep"! It much better than "NO"!

More later of course.
Peace and Love.
The Culhanes

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