Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Funny Videos and a Party

Well, did that title get you curious? I found a great video on Bob Collin's News Cut . I got a kick out of it - maybe I should post it on Perfect Duluth Day.... Anyway, I guess they are selling it to school districts - like for real, for sex education. I don't know - it doesn't seem too harmless really and it's kinda funny and kinda true!

Also, we are having a house warming party on June 7. Check out the details here...and stop by if you can! More kids pix on the way, once we have a camera we are willing to use. Any suggestions?


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Kristen said...

Hi Kelly,
Don't know if you remember me. We went to East together, Kristen (Albrecht). Anyway, I was on the reunion site, so I was checking out to see who lives here in the cities. I thought I would drop a line & say hi. I am in Brooklyn Center. Drop me a line if you like.tkschmittou@msn.com