Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OK - Mov'n On!

Well, for the most part the housewarming party was a success. If anyone has photos to share send them to me. I will post some soon. Also, we still have some beer left if anyone wants to stop by!

Mov'n on to new musings! The cost of gas. Never thought I'd see the day: $4.10 a gallon. Wow. Time to buy a horse. MinnPost has a few interesting tidbits on the gas prices:

"Further reducing miles driven: The PiPress's Julie Forster says the Minnesota High Tech Association now lets employees work from home one day a week; a Woodbury man figures a $500 a year savings given a 59-mile round trip to St. Louis Park. Forster says a worker making $16 an hour and commuting 500 miles per week (!) needs a 9 percent raise just to keep up. Room & Board is holding bike-maintenance workshops for employees."

Makes me wonder how much $ we'd save if we bought a hybrid for Dan's commute or he just got another job closer to home. I think what scares me is there seems to be no end in sight - trucking businesses, the airlines...is travel going to be a thing of the past? What industry will finally just stop driving? Where is the line?

I think that is all I've seen today worth sharing other than the six strange and unique Father's Day gifts on Mental Floss. I'm thinking the land cruiser would be Dan's favorite. Mine? The Condiment Gun, for sure. : )


The Culhanes

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Raquel said...

Hey, girl -- I recently had to get a new-to-me vehicle and would have LOVED to get a Toyota Prius. I really LOVE them. However, we needed to have a larger, "family" car -- you know, enough to fit two adults and four dogs, so I opted to replace the 2001 Rav4 with a 2007 Rav4. If the Prius fits your family needs and you can afford it, I'd get one! Starting with the 2004 model, they have unsurpassed hybrid technology and fuel economy. :) Let me know if you get one!