Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Here......fishy, fishy, fishy...good fishy!

Well, last weekend was a very nice, long weekend. Katey, my Mom and I went to the Great MN Getogether (the state fair) on Saturday morning. We had fun riding the Skyride and doing the "kidway" with Katey. Her favorite ride was the flying elephants.

I handed out free U of M backpacks at the U building to a ravenous line of people. I can't believe people lined up for these things! Anything for somthing that is free I guess.

Anyway, Sunday we stayed in because it rained all day and on Monday I was on my own with the kids while Dan went fishing on the Kinnickinnic River near River Falls, WI. He had some luck on the river wild and here are pix to prove it!


Auntie Shawn said...

Love the beer in the water bottle holder - LOL. Way to go bro! I'm there with ya.

Kelly said...

Yes, although it looks untapped. I'm thinking it was tapped eventually!


UncleMuk said...

Dan, that brookie doesn't look like nine inches. What's the legal limit on the Kinnickinnic? Have you gotten a copy of our trout fishing book? If not, I'll send one to you. I think you may have, but can't quite remember. Oh....the kid pics are cute too. Tarnation! Wouldn't want to forget them little critters.