Monday, October 16, 2006

Samuel's Pumpkin "Mad"ness

Well, I am finally updating the family blog. Getting tired of looking at Dan fishing? Thought so. Anyway, we have been busy of course. We went to Duluth in early October and rode the Pizza Train with the kids. Katelyn is still talking about it! Bill and I both celebrated birthdays this month: 35 & 38 years young. Can't believe it! Other than that, I have been settling into my new job and am really loving it. I took a couple of day off in October to refresh my mind and this year we will go to Northern Michigan for Christmas. I expect we'll have lots of snow! : )

Last night we carved our pumpkins. Dan made his a Frankenstein-esk rendition and I did a basic "your eyes are windows to the soul"version. Katelyn did not like the "icky-goo", but had fun putting the seeds from one bowl into another. Sam got to do his own with finger paint. I am thinking he had more fun finger painting himself than the prescribed media placed before him. He definitely told us about it too! Here are a few pictures of the "mad"ness : ) in the end, the only people looking at the camera are Dan and the new pumpkin crew. Enjoy.

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