Monday, December 11, 2006

Last Year at this Time...

Well, last year at this time I was anticipating a 9:30am c-section. I know I had expected Samuel to come early like Katey did, but he was a happy boy just where he was... life has changed doubley so with his coming. I have dubbed him my "gift from God".

I think like most Moms, the first birthday is a big one. Especially knowing that there are most likely no other babies in our future. I feel so blessed to have what I have.

Honestly, there are many days that go by where I think, "boy, it would be nice to...have a break, have the house to myself, sleep through the night, sleep in, read the paper in one sitting, etc, etc, etc..." But, truth is I have 2am! : )

I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so excited to celebrate Sam's 1st birthday tomorrow. I made his cake today while he was sleeping. He was sick on Sunday and today with an icky stomach flu (trust me, it was ICKY!). I think he is on the mend now, but he was really tired tonight. He has been so healthy with no major illnesses in his first year.

Anyway, instead of boring you all with my muses tonight, I think I'll just post a pix that melts my heart. Daddy and Sam sleeping on the couch about three weeks ago. They both hold thier fists high while sleeping. Maybe dreaming of rock concerts of the past and of the future.

My two boys -truely happy : )

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