Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Culhane Christmas and Beyond

Well, the holidays have come and gone. We did A LOT...a lot of travel, a lot of visiting, a lot of presents, a lot of eating, a lot of scheduling, planning, and playing.

But, despite the busy nature of this season, it was all worth our time - for sure. The winter wonderland of Northern Michigan was breathtaking. Here are a few photos for your veiwing pleasure.

And, this being posted in February means it is OLD NEWS! Oh well, what can I say....lazy, forgetful, brain fried, you name it. I'll try and do another update soon. Comming up? Katelyn's third Birthday. Whoa. Dan's 36 and me...well I'm perpetually 25. Link of the day: http://flash.abunawaf.com/2005/12/game33.swf

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