Monday, February 12, 2007

Katelyn's 3rd Birthday

Yes it is true, Katelyn is 3 years old! I personally can't believe it. We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday for pizza a games. Tam, Ted, Isaak, and Nate joined us. Chuck E. Cheese was a bit obnoxious to be perfectly honest, but Katey liked to watch the dancers, eat the pizza, and I think her cake, song, and candle blowing was her favorite part. Sam is getting quick on his feet and "disappeared" between the tables and chairs more than once. Keeping tabs on him was a full-time job. Just turn your back for a minute and...where's Sam? We finally strapped him into his umbrella stroller where he promptly fell asleep. : )

Here are few photos and a fun video of her cake and song for you to enjoy.

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