Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mounds View Move Week

This week we move to Mounds View and the new house. We close on the Quebec Ave property at 9am and the Fairchild property at noon on Friday. We should be walking into our new house around 1 or 2pm on Friday is all goes well! : ) A new house and a new beginning for all of us - in particular for me.

I am going to give a quick update on the breast cancer experience. But, after this post I plan to move on. This is the Culhane Family Muse and I want to "muse" about everyday things and not put any more ENERGY into this disease - at least not here. I do plan to start a new blog about my experience in the coming weeks, and I'll post that when it is ready.

I had what they called a "mastectomy revision" yesterday at Regions. Basically, my surgeon felt it was necessary to take a few more centimeters of the left breast tissue to ensure good, clean margins (as they say in the world of cancer). It was a small set-back as I was healing well from the first surgery. But, I trust her and this process. I'll do whatever it takes for peace of mind. The surgery went well, and I am taking some recovery time today and tonight before the move.

The house is generally packed less a few odds and ends here and there. This is mostly due to my angel husband Dan and some of the best friends/angels on earth...too many to name and I don't want to forget a soul, but you know who you are!

More later and hopefully some new photos too!

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