Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Thanks

So, my last post sounding depressing I know. I am not always in that kind of a mood. Sue asks if it helps that other people care and it does, it really, really does. My naturopath said she assumes I have many people counting on me and I know I do. I got a book in the mail from Jeremy and Steph - Heroines. What a fantastic book. It helps. A LOT.

I give thanks this year to all the fantastic people I have met since my June diagnosis. Doctors, nurses, other survivors, and unwitting angels like the wig lady and the MRI guy. And that is just a start. I give thanks to all my angels with huge hearts and wings.

Thanksgiving was fun, but I had the most fun taking the week off to paint the kitchen with friends and hang out with the kids. Every day is a gift!


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