Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Green Man Cometh

I finally finished Sam's Green Man on Mother's Day. (see photos below). I have posted him on my Ravelry Web site, and truthfully he wouldn't be here without the great coaching of co-worker Lara Roy - self professed knitting nut and soon to be master knitter! Can't go wrong having an expert across the hall when things go South. Next I'll make a dolly for Katey, and then who knows what else. It all takes me a while to get things done as I am very new the art of knitting. But, it is a good time passer.

Mother's Day was fun as I did the 5K walk for the cure at the MOA along with Dan's sister Shawn and a few others...about 60,000 or so? It wasn't too bad as far a crowds go. It was moving to see all the survivors and all the support. Mostly, on Mom's Day I got to put my Friends School Plant Sale flowers and veggies in too, which I now look at daily to see how much they've grown. I had a next door neighbor tell me checking them daily doen't make them grow any faster! : )

I found a fun T.V. Theme Song link on Minn Post you have to check out! I got a 122 on my first shot...I know I could do better for sure! I think that is all. You'll see my new links on the right and a new kiddo photo.

More to come.

The Culhanes


Savage Press Inc. said...

That Green Man looks like something Grandma Old-Time Fireplace would have created. How timely that it would be ready by Memorial Day. Most excellent.

Kelly said...

You are so right! He so does. I miss her so much today. Thank you for bringing her into my home with the Green Man! : )