Saturday, August 30, 2008

Noth'n Like the Fair

Took the kids to the state fair on Friday. What memories! The favorite ride was the carosel and the GIANT slide! I had never done the slide, so it scared me a little too! The horse barn and cow barn were fun, and one lady yelled at me because a small horse, eating apples lost one as it rolled away, so I grabbed it and gave it to the horse. I guess that is not OK - feeding the horse. Oh well, no harm, no foul. The kids each picked an over-sized balloon unicorn for a take-home toy.

I had a stuffed baked potato (not as good as other years) and the kids had cotton candy and hot dogs. I looked and looked for the chocolate covered bacon, but could only find bacon on a stick. No chocolate, no deal! We walked many blocks and once it started to get too hot and the lines for corn dogs were a 1/2 hour long it was time to go home. A quick ride on the Skyride and we hucked to the car. Oh, with Martha's cookies in hand for Daddy.

Looking forward to Fall.


The Culhanes

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