Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Holidays Cometh!

Well, here we are again! I am amazed at how fast time goes and we are already into the holidays. Thanksgiving was fun - it was nice to get my family and Dan's family together. That doesn't happen too often!

I've connected with "old" friends (make new friends, but keep the old)Bonnie and Bob. Bonnies owns a home cleaning company that focuses on "green cleaning". She uses products that are safe for the family and the environment: Green Earth Cleaning Services. They do a great job!

Sam is on the "potty train" and doing well! It would be nice to have him trained for the New Year - then he can go to swimming class with Katey. I know he would like that. He is a natural in the water; loves baths and lately we've been trying to get him in the shower too.

Katey is talking up a storm and tells me stories about Jane's house and looks forward to being five so she can go to kindergarten with her friend Claire. She has her first "official" Christmas pagent in December.

Speaking of Christmas, I am looking forward to this year. The kids (especially Katey) understand it more now because they are older. I bought two wreaths and a large outdoor garland from the boy scouts. They look great outside and soon we'll pull out the indoor decorations too.

I think that is it for the family update! I don't have any new pix to post, but we will for sure for Sam's 3rd BDay on Dec 12.

Peace and Love
The Culhanes

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