Saturday, March 14, 2009

Almost Four Months!

It has been almost four months since I posted on this blog! Scary. The kids are doing fine. Katey started pre-school a couple of weeks ago and she LOVES it. She rides the bus all by herself and everything. She starts kindergarten in the Fall of 09. Very exciting.

Sam will have to get used to not having her around everyday, and I think he'll actually get to enjoy having his own "life" without being Katey's protege. Dan is working hard at work and crossing bridges and challenges that middle management brings. He is definitely underpaid! But, aren't we all. Me? Well, if you follow my Caring Bridge site you know what I'm up to. I won't bore you all with that hoo-hah here. But, I will bore you with a couple of new photos just for fun.

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