Sunday, November 15, 2009

Again Late!

Yeah, late with these, but my excuse was I couldn't find the SD adapter for my phone. I'm stick'n to it! Not much new, thats how I like it. Dan finished his toughest class so far and we are now lucky to have him "back" for a whole 12 weeks or so. He was the only one that got 100% on the last test! Way to go baby cakes! The "honey do" list is long! : ) Hope you like the pix - the costume one is pretty dark - it is Batman and a purple witch. And the one of Sam is him at his first teeth cleaning. He was a trooper, although ended up with four cavities! Is that possible for a three year old boy?! I guess so...and no, he doesn't live on candy alone...even though it looks like it in the Halloween loot pictures...

Peace & Love
The Culhanes

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