Saturday, February 20, 2010


Made it to Sarajevo. the flights were not too bad. I got on an early flight to Chicago (1:30 rather than 3:30) The Chicago to Munich was about 9 hours, but an overnight flight so I slept a bit. In Munich we boarded a bus, took it to the tarmac and got on a puddle jumper there to Sarajevo. Just like in the movies! I didn't think people ACTUALLY did that! I just thought the President and Arnold Swartzeneger (people like that) did the tarmac thing! Anyway, the plane was PACKED. We were like sardines. I just put my head back and slept so I didn't have to think about clausterphobia.

Anyway, the welcoming spirit here is unbelieveable. I was picked up at the airport
(which is quite small) by the manager of the Hotel Safir. There is no doubt I'm in another country, people drive like maniacs around here! As soon as we got in the door, no time for putting bags in the room! We must go down for coffee and relax a bit first! But I have to say, Sarajevo is probably the most amazing place I've ever seen. After an hour of chit-chatting at the coffee bar in the basement I did get to unpack. I then went about to find some sundries for my mini-kitchen. Wow. A person can shop here - like everyday, forever, and ever, and ever, amen!

History, religion, and the war are everywhere you look. I don't have any pix to post yet as I just got my phone charging and the like figured out with the international power cords, etc. I'll get to that tomorow. My dogs are BARKING! And I am tired. Time for bed. Who knows how long I've been at this. I've lost track. What a grand adventure!

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