Monday, February 22, 2010

A Plan Has Been Set

Ok. I finally got to see Merima last night. We shared a bottle of wine, and either the wine here is over-the-top strong or I am now a lightweight! I think I'll stick to cafe and tea. She looks so great and very much in love with Amir. We talked wedding - which will be a civil service at 4:30 with dinner and reception afterwards including a live band she promises will be fantastic.

And, we devised a plan for the week. I am one lucky, lucky gal!
Monday (today) - facial with one of her Mother's good friends and a 3pm train tour of the city.
Tues - train trip to the city of Mostar:
Weds - Hang out with Merima and get things done for wedding. Hair stuff and I will probably have mine done too!
Thurs - I will rent a car and drive to the city of Medugorje: This is a place of healing. Bill and Ami arrive.
Friday - Hang out with Bill and Ami
Sat - Wedding!
Sunday - Recovery day from wedding. Merima's suggestion is t0 go to Vrela Bosne:
Monday - Home!

Like I said, I'm one blessed child of God. Merima's brother Mohammed took me for a short driving tour of the city on our way to her apartment (flat). The city is beautiful and lively.I took another long walk through Old Town, which is just outside my hotel door yesterday and had cafe with an old local man named Amir who only knew a few words of English: Chicago, America, and tourist! We had fun trying to communicate with paper and pen. He showed me how to spell my name in Croatian: KC2N. In handwriting it is prettier.

OK. Going to get my day going.

Once again, lucky, lucky gal!

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