Friday, June 02, 2006

Big sigh. Another week gone by and we are looking at a weekend home. I hope it is a good one. It has been trying for us as we deal with Katelyn's ear infections, which seem to just keep coming. It feels like she has been sick for so long with little respites here and there. It takes its toll on Mom and Dad for sure. I know we both LONG to sleep in and have time to ourselves, but the truth is after a day or two alone we wouldn't know what to do with our time.

Anyway, we we schedule ear tubes surgery, hopefully in the comming weeks and this too shall pass.

Things are changing quickly and for the best at work. At the end of August I'll move to the Marketing Department, which is a really good move for my career. I have been so happy with DCP for five years now, but my job has really changed during that time and I am moving too far away from my communication skills for comfort. My skills lie in communicaitons, leadership, and project management. I need to continue to improve and build on those skills. If I am going to take the time away from my family to work I need to like what I do. So, on to a new adventure.

I think that is it for now. I am going to work on getting a few pix posted. I have them of the kids, but none right now of Mom and Dad. So, those to come later. Looking forward to your comments! : )

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Lynda said...

Hi Kel and Dan;
What a good idea to have the "Culhane Family Muse." It is great to keep up with you all. I loved the pictures of the kids. I have not seen Samuel yetin person, so this is a way to stay connected. I look forward to pictures of both of you adults as well! I cannot imagine the energy it is taking to do both work and parenting two very bright and active kids under two and a half! Mulling inconclusively is potentially a sort of fun thing and perhaps a way to walk through the stressors and opportunities of the day(s). Hearing your thoughts about work and the movement you are making there seems to give you encouragement and that sounds good to my (eyes?) ears. Blessings to you both. All is well here in Neenah, WI. We are setting up blogging for the therapists at our clinic so I found your blogging site somewhat exciting to see and to try!
Aunt Lynda