Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ear Surgery a Success

Hello! We are back from Katey's ear surgery and all went quite well. She was soooo good! No food or drink since 8pm the night before and she was quite hungry/thirsty. But, she hung in there until 10am! Then they brought us in for the anesthesia. I was able to hold her until she went to sleep and it didn't take long and out she was. As Dan said, Mommy needed more drugs than Katelyn did to get through it! ; )

About 10 minutes later they rolled her in and it wasn't a minute later she woke up VERY tired and groggy. But, she did not fuss or cry. I tried to take some pictures, but our camera was out of batteries! Ugg. It would have been a kodak moment though with her blue lips from the popsicle she got from the nurse. About 20 minutes later she was running the halls like nothing happened. Very smooth.

We came home and had "macanoni" as Katelyn calls it (mac-n-cheese), milk and watched a movie. She is now napping and I expect she'll be ready for a burley ride with Mom this afternoon. Now, hopefully she will hear better and have less ear infections. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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