Monday, June 26, 2006

Ear Surgery Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is Katelyn's ear tube surgery. It is scheduled for 10am and we expect her to be able to be back to herself by Weds morning. I am nervous. I have never done anthing like this before and have some fear of the unknown. I haven't really prepared her for it because I'm not sure she will know what I am even talking about! So, we'll talk her through it. I am not excited about the anethesia part of it, but I think about the 9mos old twins that were separated just recently. Also, Gabe's heart surgery. Two major operations done on children! This is just ear tubes for goodness sake!

Sigh. But she is my girl and so it is my job to worry. I have already stopped at Target to get her a couple little presents for afterwards. She hasn't been very happy with me over the last day or two. Maybe she is getting goofy vibes from me. No hug or kiss today while dropping her off at daycare and she was definitely testing me ALL day yesterday. I didn't fare too well and got frustrated. Oh well, I'm not perfect, but I hope she isn't mad at me for too long! I miss her happy self.

I will send an update on this blog after the surgery is over sometime tomorrow. Check it out when you have time. Take care and keep us in your prayers tomorrow.


Kelly said...

This is a test comment.

The Soukup Blog said...

Enjoyed your photos and your new blog.