Friday, July 14, 2006

Fourth of July in Northern Michigan

We spent a week in the Upper Pennisula of Northern Michigan over the Fourth of July. We had a great week of weather; not too hot and not too cold. Katelyn spent most of her time playing in the lake and on the dock. She had her very own cardboard "house" with a door and window and American flag.

Uncle Bill joined us for a few days and Katelyn LOVED to see him. We went to the Twin Lakes parade and the bag in front of Katey was FULL of candy. I really liked the small town atmosphere: no mile hikes to the event, just park right there! Nice.

Dan and I had a "date night" so Big Paw-Paw and Nonna babysat while we went out for dinner. Both the kids got baths in the kitchen sink. I guess Sam was a two-person job! Not surprising as he is 20 lb 6 mos old with curious hands.

Dan left with Sam on Weds to attend an HTML class and Katelyn and I stayed on until Friday for the Strawberry Festival. We left on Friday and spent the night with Grammie in Duluth for a break in our drive time.

The trip was a much needed break for me from work and great to spend time with family. Not too much else to report. Summer is upon us with 100 degree, sticky, hot weather this weekend. Take care all!

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