Monday, July 24, 2006

Summer in Isanti

On Saturday Katelyn and I went to Isanti to play with Denise, Logan, and Justin. We all went to the Isanti County fair and played on the rides. I am sure the kid's favorites were the pony and car rides. Katelyn and I tried the kiddie dragon roller coaster, but after three turns it was time to get off. Logan loved it though! Big boy! We had a good ol' time, but it did get HOT!

Otherwise, we had visitors on Sunday - Steve and Michelle stopped by with Johnna (spelling?). They were interested in seeing Sam. It was nice to see them again. It has been awhile. Sunday was HOT too and we actually laid pretty low. Katelyn watched Monster's Inc. and part of The Incredibles while Mom, Dad, and Sam enjoyed the cool basement temps.

Sam is pretty much on his knees these days and I predict he will be crawling by August. He is eating lots of solid baby food now and we are trying him here and there with finger food. I'm thinking he might be ready for teething cookies. It is fun to watch him explore new foods. He has a definite HATE for peas and the look on his face when you try to get him to eat them is hillarious!

Dan leaves on Saturday for a business trip to Baltimore. I know he will see his friend Brad and there is talk of doing some sailing. My Mom will come down on Friday to help me out with the kiddos and she plans to take Sam to Duluth with her on Sunday to spend some time with him. He will be home on Weds and Mommy will defintely be missing him by then. Dan will be back on Thursday evening. So, if anyone wants to stop by for a visit next week you will be welcome company as things will get lonely for me with Dan gone.

That is it for now. When I get picures of our fair trip I will add them!

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