Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad Hair Day - August 13, 2007

Well, today was the day the hair fell out. I was quite surprised as I expected to get one more dose before it went away AND I was getting used to the short hair cut. I don't need to go into too many details, but let's just say "GI Jane" is my new look. You can imagine my shock I am sure. Dan came home from work and shaved it off and I am now through that peice of this journey.

I expected the hair to stick around for a couple more days, so my plan was to share a pix of my Dad's new haircut. He surprised me with his "crew cut" last week during his visit. In this pix, I still have the long hair. But, I decided to cut it short last week to ease the inevitable...and I thought it was kinda cute!

Anyway, here I am now - GI Jane and my honey after he cut my hair. I think he liked it, and to be perfectly honest it kind of felt good. Like someone softly rubbing your scalp. So, I am on my way to a new me - new hair. Who knows what it will come back looking like. I think I will take bets on when people think it will grow back. 6 weeks? 6 months? Any guesses?

Went to Cornie Days on Saturday and enjoyed the beach with Katelyn, Ma, Phoebe, and Talia. I don't have pix yet from this trip. But, it was a perfect day. One for the books including the short and sweet parade with TONS of candy for the kids, a sand castle competition that Katey and Talia won a prizes for (I think they all did), a "get your attention" dip in the lake, and eating the high quality white fish you can only get in that area. Yum.

God Bless



Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, Your Dad sent me your "Blog" address, I have heard about "Blogs" but didn't know what they were about! I loved viewing it, it's wonderful! You have a great writing style! I was surprised when you mentioned Mounds View, that's where we use to live, I went to Mounds View High School, from 7th grade to half of my junior year. We lived there about 5 yrs. So most of my teen years were spent in the Twin Cities. Loved it!! It certainly sounds like you do have "angels" around you. I refer to my husband John as an "Angel" also, he's been through so much, he still calls himself my "nurse" and scolds me if I stray from Doctor's orders. I admire him so much! You sound very positive and it looks as though you have quite a support group! I loved the fact that they "grizzed" their hair for you! I'll write again soon Love, Susi Butler

Anonymous said...

I thought it was so nice of Sue Butler to send you a note. I'm sure you know her as your Dad's and my first cousin. I too love the blog. It keeps us so up to date on your families good times and bad. 3 down and 1 to go. Kudos to you and your strength through all of this. Love you much and keep writing the Culhane Blog. Stay in touch with email too.
Hugs and more hugs,
A Linda