Friday, August 31, 2007

Three Down - One to Go

Well, as my Dad said, "we're in the ON THE 20 YARD LINE, 3RD DOWN WITH 5 MINUTES LEFT ON THE CLOCK...... ONE MORE FORWARD PASS AND YOU WILL WIN THE GAME! " Well, I'm up for game winning this summer! : )

But, yes - one more chemo session. It is hard to believe it, but it is getting close. I had one more player in the "shave your head" game this summer, Brian - Dan's coworker Carrie's husband (red shirt on your left). Not sure what he looked like with hair, but he looks good without it AND looks like he is having fun in Sturgis. I am jealous.

Speaking of my Dad, I'll add a few pix of his trip here a few weeks ago. Katey enjoyed the firetruck at the local neighborhood night out picnic. And, one night, we had a good time washing the cars and got some "good ol free willy" photos of Sam I am sure he will not appreciate in his teenage years! : )

Love and God Bless to all
The Culhanes

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