Friday, September 07, 2007

Photos At Your Desk

Today I learned of the death of my Grandmother, Elsie Greener. She has been in nursing homes for several years now and God took her last night in her sleep. A blessing really, as she deserves a peaceful death.

As I have been reflecting on her life (and mine) over the past few hours - staring at the white, cememt walls of my office at work - I realized that I have many photos of my family here. Sam and Katey stare at me every day here, captured in their innocence at 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old. My wedding pictures - two of them - one in color and one in black and white. Dan and I on the Zepher train, where we first fell in love. Dan and Bill with cups of coffee at my Mom's birthday breakfast - Dan smiles and Bill tries his best to look "suave". My Mom looking suave without trying in black and white and a beautiful scarf around her neck.

And Gram. Two pictures that have been here for as long as I've had them. In one, she's 16 (I think) and holding an infant Phoebe in her arms. She is smiling and looks so happy and young and skinny and BEAUTIFUL. The other is a group shot of her graduating class. There are seven; children really, in the photo with huge corsages. I heard she made the dress she is wearing in the photo. She is BEAUTIFUL.

We surround ourselves at work with these type of photos to remind us how unimportant work really is and who we need to look to when things are out of whack. Well, I've looked to Gram when things are out of whack all of my life. I went to her a few weeks ago at the nursing home. I blubbered all over her and told her about my strife and how much I loved her. I am so glad we talked. And I will miss her terribly. We will all miss her terribly.


Savage Press Inc. said...

Remember that children's book you illustrated and wrote about 30 years ago? I still have it somewhere in a file here. When I die, maybe you could show it off at the funeral. Or, maybe you could tell the story of the day I took you and Bill to the seminar at UMD. That would be "INTERESTING" as you say.

Kelly said...

A children's book? No, don't remember that, but I will read it at your funeral for sure! Or maybe it should be published! ; 0

I don't remember the seminar at UMD either...but you can remind me!


Laura Riley said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! I really miss seeing them at AGC.
Im sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandma. My Gram died last month, very similar circumstances, she was ill for many years and living in a nursing home.
I hope are plans work out to have lunch next week.
See you then.