Monday, October 15, 2007

Watched Pots

Well, today was my follow up check up from my last chemo. They don't want to see me for another four months! Wow! I guess I'll look at it like he doesn't think I need that much "overseeing". It's bittersweet really. I have feelings of both freedom and fear. Free of the weekly doctor's appointments and check ups. And, I'm used to having the saftey net of the hospital: nurses, doctors, receptionists, parking fees... : )

I guess now I'll just wait for the hair to grow back! It's like watching a pot boil!

Just one word about the comercialization of breast cancer awareness month: offensive. I find it personally offensive, all the companies that are capitolizing on this particular disease to make an extra buck.

Well, I'll tone it down a bit. I don't want to tell you NOT to purchace something that will donate $ to research. Some of these offers do great things for canSer research, but check into it first. I think the best question to ask yourself is, "Would I have bought it otherwise?" Companies like "One-A-Day" vitamins have added the pink ribbon to their labels. I know for a fact that those vitamins are not necessarily good for breast canSer prevention OR decreased recurrance rates. And they are full of "extras" your body could do without. The new pink ribbon label may get you to buy the product tho, without any solid evidence behind its subtle claim. I know, I work in marketing!

Anyway, I have no idea how others feel about it, but I like the idea of "taking back pink" as my fellow survivor friend Wendy Rahn, owner of Survivors' Training, would say. I'm just not sure buying a "pink" latte at Caribou does much for breast canSer research.

OK. That is enough of my soap box. The family is doing well. Dan starts his new job the week of Oct 22, which means I'll take over all of the kid stuff in the morning and afternoons during the week. At least for now until we get used to his new schedule and commute. I will work one day from home starting in November, which will help me lower my stress level. A lower stress level can't hurt my long term health at all!

The kids are good too. I'll add some pix in the next couple of days so you can see how big they are getting. Sam is talking up a storm and we're bracing ourselves for the terrible twos. Katey will start a preschool program in 2008 to prepare her for school. I'm looking foward to her getting into school! It will be fun. Halloween is getting close so we'll have pumpkin and costume pix to show on the blog too.

More to come - always.

Love and God Bless
The Culhanes

PS: I like spell canSer wrong just because it makes me feel good. And I stole the idea from

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