Monday, November 05, 2007

Hayrides and Hoopla

It's about time to update the family blog. We've been to UP Michigan to visit Big Papa and Nonna, which was fun. The kids spent their time climbing fire trucks, going on hay rides, and picking apples. I'll add some pictures from Michigan soon. I haven't had time to download them yet!

Halloween has come and gone. We were disappointed in the slow night of door knockers at our house, but our kids had a good time. Katelyn kept going up to the house, standing at the door and saying trick-or-treat without knocking or ringing the doorbell first. No use saying trick-or-treat to the door! : ) And they kept walking into the houses. I'm surprised they didn't get someone to offer dinner! Sam was the cutest little teletubby you've ever seen. And Katey's witch costume was the best we could do because her princess costume was too itchy! Here is a pix of the kids with their pumpkins. It is kinda hard to see their costumes, but we had a good ol' time.

But, who needs Halloween when you can just have hoopla with good friends?

Last weekend, Denise came over for a venison dinner with her boys (thank you Andy!), Logan and Justin, and we had a little impromptu post-Halloween party with Katelyn's dress up clothes. Logan didn't think the princess costume was too itchy! I think we'll need to keep these pix to frame them if they want to become politicians.

Hope you enjoyed the update! If you get the chance pick up Bruce Springsteen's "Devils and Dust" CD. I love it.
God Bless.
The Culhanes

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